The Show – Artistic Collaborators


Artistic Collaborators
The project has engaged the services of a highly experienced and well respected team of creative professionals, including Sara Clifford ( writer), Veronica Stephens (Producer) Terry O’ Donovan (Performance Director), Dorothy Max Prior (Choreographer),
The Ragroof Players (dancer performers), Shared Space & Light (video design), Thor McIntyre Burnie (sound artist), Lucy Bradridge (set & costume design) and Luke Sudlow (graphic design)

Sara Clifford (inroads productions)
Veronica Stephens (Zap Art -Creative Producer)
Ragroof Players (Dance Theatre)
Thor McIntyre Burnie (sound artist)
Shared Space & Light

Zap Art is an independent charity and one of the UK’s leading creative producers, renowned for its ability to work on highly complex, multi partnership projects, with meaningful outreach, community participation, education and engagement, while delivering the artist’s vision. Zap’s mission is to brings new art to new audiences by taking it to the heart of communities. Zap aims to deliver sustainable events and activities that make a difference to people and places across the UK, leaving an inspiring legacy of revitalized communities. Zap believes involving local communities is key to the creative process as well as a means to improving accessibility and equality, fostering a sense of inclusion and community pride, providing educational opportunities to help develop skills, build capacity and confidence, as well as strengthening community cohesion and developing healthy communities through physical , social and creative activity, cooperation and collaboration to improve mutual understanding, remove social and other barriers. Zap works with all sorts of people (particularly the hard to reach sectors of community) in dynamic and surprising ways to get them talking, making and learning together.

Sara Clifford Award winning playwright and drama practitioner, and director of Inroads Productions, Sara has written over twenty plays including work for York Theatre Royal, Oxford Touring Theatre Company, the Soho Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse, and was a writer on attachment at Chichester Festival Theatre. Her play A Thousand Days, was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn award, for women who have written works of outstanding quality for the English-speaking theatre.
Last year, she collaborated with Zap Art on her site specific play at Newhaven Fort, The Port, the Beast and the Traveller. This year she has also written two new plays, Non, in collaboration with French writer/musician, Denis Baronnet, produced in Rome in March, 2013; and I see the Horizon.. about Valentina Tereshkova, which will tour theatres and planetaria next autumn. She lectures at Central School of Speech and Drama, Brighton University and at Goldsmiths College, University of London; has developed international training programmes with/for writers from the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Cuba,

TeXstep – ‘Intermedia interactive Installation’ by Thor McIntyre Burnie
Taking the trajectory of social dancing from memories of Brighton’s Regents Music Hall to todays Oceana superclub, and beyond, TeXstep asks what would it be like if we didn’t have to be physically there? -If we could out-source all the noisy, sweaty awkward, drink fuelled bit and have someone do that for us.
Taking inspiration from a comment made by a former regular of the Regent Dancehall in the 1950's, Ken Ross, and thoughts of Slovoj Zizek, the installation explores the nature of intimacy, touch, dance and bodily contact.
"I pity the boys now, as when they so called ‘dance’ (unlike us) they do not hold a girl in their arms. If in my days you.. ask her to dance in a dance hall ..hey presto you were up close and often in bodily contact."Ken Ross
The aim is not to judge, but instead to offer an alternate social dance scenario for us to explore. – One that slips times and spaces mixing memories with descriptions and predictions, and even live direct instructions. The results will be varied, funny, weird, detached and engaging, but the experience all the richer for having a go..
Come and enjoy the private suite.

Collaborative arts/heritage, site-specific performance project